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Selling on Facebook with Shopify: How to Perfect Your Facebook Ads While Successfully Running Your Shopify Store

Scaling your Facebook ads means increasing your budget while successfully maintaining a positive return. This can be challenging for small businesses. Here is how to make selling on Facebook with Shopify easier!

Are you currently spending around $20-50 per day on Facebook advertisements and seeing a satisfying return on ad spend? Like any other business owner, you are probably looking for new ways to use to scale that success while successfully running your Shopify store.

You can try raising your daily ad budget only to see the returns or you can change your target group.
Scaling your Facebook ad means increasing your budget while seeing a positive return, which, can be challenging for small and mid-size businesses. Not seeing a return when you are spending in hundreds of dollars can have a negative impact on your business and finances.

We have a few tips that can help you effectively scale your Facebook ads while successfully running your Shopify store and the best way to use Facebook for marketing. 

4 Tips to Use to Scale Your Facebook Ads

Here are, the best 4 tips that will help you scale your Facebook ads:
#1. Increase your audience size: The first thing you need to do is to reconsider the size of your target group. When going from a small and defined target group to broader audience, will provide Facebook Pixel with more options and opportunities to find new visitors and potential shoppers.
One of the best ways to find new potential customers on the Facebook platform is with Lookalike Audiences. The Lookalike Audience is based on a list of your customers and this is where many advertisers start their targeting. When it comes to expanding your target group, finding a secondary market is an excellent way to reach new customers at a smaller budget. If you are dropshipping your products overseas, you should consider targeting a broader audience.
#2. Build your funnel: An easy way to expand your advertising funnel on Facebook is by creating a warm audience. This group consists of individuals who have shown a certain level of interest in your products or brand by taking actions such as visiting your site or watching a video. Growing such an audience is an essential step in scaling your ad spend on Facebook. Retargeting such audience produces a greater ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Another benefit is that it costs less to bid on higher funnel objectives including content views, video views, add to cart, clicks, and initiate checkout.

#3. Segment your warm audience: As you scale and perfect your Facebook ads to reach more buyers, your warm audience will become larger. Break down this group to discover which segments are driving most people. A great way to segment your audience is by creating ad sets for website visitors, video viewers, viewed content, page engagers, and add to cart. If you don’t segment your audience on time, your budget could be going to a group that is performing low.

#4. Increase your budget: The most essential step in scaling your Facebook ads is increasing your finances. Whether you are setting a monthly or daily budget, scaling ads means investing more money in order to drive more sales and double your profit. Think of it like investing more money into growing your Shopify business.

Selling on Facebook with Shopify: Have the Best Strategy

When selling on Facebook with Shopify, it is important to have the best strategy planned before you increase your budget and spend more.

The potential upside such as faster inventory turnover, increased sales, more customers, and etc means that increasing your budget is often work it. 

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