Facebook Statistics You Need To Know To Sell Product on Facebook in the UK

Facebook Statistics You Need To Know To Sell Product on Facebook in the UK

If you want to succeed in selling products on Facebook, you need to have a plan and a marketing budget. For you to come up with a good plan and budget, you need some facts. Unfortunately, most Facebook marketers have no idea of where they can get these facts from. This article looks at key factors that can help inspire your Facebook marketing plans.

Facebook has 2.1 billion active users worldwide

On average, 1.3 billion people are active on Facebook. It means that in the US alone, out of every 5 minutes spent on the phone, 1 minute is spent on Facebook. Also, 73 % of people who spend their time on Facebook use it to work. The remaining 27 percent spend time entertaining themselves. It is a massive following that gives you a chance to market your product and service.

Facebook users access their pages on mobile services

If you are a marketer, it is prudent that you customize your website and make it mobile friendly. The reason for doing this is that 65% of all Facebook users access their pages on mobile devices. So if you advertise using your website links, you should ensure that your site is mobile device friendly to allow them to access it on their mobile devices.

Facebook receives 2 billion searches every day

Of the 2.5trillion online searches that are done every day, Facebook alone receives about 2 billion of them. Also, users follow close friends, celebrities and family members, so targeting these groups in your ads is likely to bring you greater success.  You also need to follow your competitors’ friends to discover new trends which can help improve your promotional activities.

Facebook demographics are important

Having the latest information on Facebook demographic is important for anyone who wants to sell a product on Facebook. You need to know who is using Facebook, where the users are and what they do while on Facebook. Note that statistics show that 56 % of users are men while 44 % are women. It implies that we have more men on Facebook than women. So ads will reach more men than women. Also, research shows that 38 % of Facebook users are singles. Also, only 17 percent of users are in a relationship while a negligible 4 % are engaged. Here you can see more articles about Sell On Facebook  Click

Facebook messenger is growing in popularity

If you are looking forward to reaching out to your target audience stress-free, using Facebook messenger will guarantee you that. So far, studies show that more than 1.2 billion people use Facebook messenger. They exchange more than 2 billion messages per month. Also, Facebook Messenger is the third most popular app as far as the iTunes store is concerned. On Google, it is ranked 9th, but when you look at both stores, it emerges number one in terms of the most popular app.

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