Mistakes People Who Sell with Facebook in India Make

Mistakes People Who Sell with Facebook in India Make

Every investor is caught up in the craze to selling their products on Facebook. But in their effort to optimize sales, they end up making mistakes which make the whole process look like a joke. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid if you want to sell products on Facebook successfully.

Not investing in the audience

To succeed in selling your products on Facebook, it is necessary that you invest in your audience. It can be achieved by researching how to position your ads. Placing a good ad in front of the right people can guarantee your business good traffic. But most entrepreneurs have no idea on how best they can do this. Note that Facebook has a diverse audience. So testing your audience is critical before placing your ad.

Ignoring competitor’s pages

Some people don’t realize that they are not living on an island. The success of what they do is dependent on what their neighbors are doing. It means that your competitor is an important person. You cannot afford to ignore them. Facebook understands why you should know what your competitors are doing. It is the reason why it keeps on suggesting related pages. As such, it is critical that you visit their pages and like them. This way, you encourage their visitors also to visit your page. You also get some insight into their behavior.

Targeting an audience that is too broad

The mistake is normally made when you choose to use paid advertisements. The ads will automatically reach a wide range of audience. In most cases, the ads may even reach a wrong audience, but you pay for it. If your business is based in India, don’t target the 264 million users. Start by targeting a million users. Focus your audience depending on their interest.

They are impatient

People who seek to connect and sell products to billions of Facebook users are always impatient. When they pay for the advertisements, they expect to see results immediately. When it does not happen, they feel that they are losing money. In some cases, they feel like they should control the ads. So, they try to optimize them hoping that they can influence their performance. This is wrong and will not help the business. Let Facebook track the performance of the ads based on the data it receives and it will do something to improve the ad’s performance.

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