Setting Up a Facebook Store in Australia

Setting Up a Facebook Store in Australia

If you are living in Australia, you may have noticed that E-commerce with Facebook is becoming more popular than it was a few decades ago. Thus, there will be a need for you to set up a Facebook store to help you boost sales. Setting up a Facebook shop gives you unlimited access to over 2 billion users every month. If you can convert a fraction of these audiences into buyers, it will help you grow your business. The problem is that a few of us know how to set up the Facebook store or sell on Facebook. This article explores ways to help you sell on Facebook.

There are two ways you can use to sell with Facebook

You may choose to use the Facebook platform to create a Facebook shop or build e-commerce and link the products to your Facebook. Creating a Facebook shop is the simplest, and it entails listing the products you sell on Facebook. You will need to set up the cart to connect the payments. It is the simplest way of using Facebook to sell your products.

The second option entails setting up an e-commerce website which serves as your online store. You will then have to link the products to your Facebook page. It is a little bit difficult to set up but simple to manage. This is the most popular option since it gives your business an extensive presence online.

Using the Facebook shop will give you limited e-commerce capability compared to a person who chooses to have a functional e-commerce website. Also, the payment options are fewer, and you may be limited to selling physical products only. You can also decide to have a hybrid where you combine the two and end up with the best of either of the worlds.


Note that some people make a mistake of wanting to sell the products through their official Facebook page. You should avoid such a mistake. Instead, create a separate Facebook business account where you can advertise your products. Make the page attractive by using Facebook templates. It allows visitors to take some time on the page.

If the page is interactive, it increases the chances of converting visitors into potential customers. You get an opportunity to Connect and sell products to billions of Facebook users across the globe. You reach out to a larger audience and give your business an international exposure. Get in touch with a competent website builder and make your business brand get known worldwide.

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